Meet this week's #AFAFTVOne BFFs, Butter and Nia! Would you go on a double-blind date with your child or parent?

These besties are ready to find each other a partner, but do these soul sisters know each other well enough to pick out each other's boo?

On episode six of Asking For a Friend, we are introduced to childhood friend, Joe and Noel. They both say they are ready to meet the one, but these guys have polar opposite dating preferences — one just got out of a 2-year relationship and the other is a serial dater! Let’s talk about settling […]

Can these two best friends with polar opposite dating preferences be successful in finding each other's next lady?

In dating, is there such a thing as too picky? Or do you call it keeping your standards high? We meet besties Chrissy and Cheritta in episode five of Asking For a Friend, an they have a lot to offer and a lot of requirements! From money to looks, what are some things that would […]

This week's BFF pair Chrisy and Cherritta are two lovely BFFS who are ready to find their forever person!

On episode 4 of Asking For a Friend, we are introduced to Dejané and Chelsea, two Mississippi-born homegirls! Chelsea is ready to be a mom and settle down, while Dejané wants a man to have fun and travel with! These Southern belles are hoping to find men that will show them that chivalry isn’t dead. […]

Photo by: TV One We just can’t get ENOUGH of the first season of Asking for a Friend! As we continue to watch folks pick out their best friend’s next potential boo, meet this week’s duo: Chelsea and Dejane! These Mississippi-based southern belles have known each other for two years after meeting each other at […]

There are so many things on our plates daily between our careers, family, hobbies and love life. But, it’s always important to remember self-care! Finding a work/life balance is crucial. On episode 3 of Asking For a Friend, Adrian and Emanuel are bachelor besties, who say they are finally ready to settle down. But are […]

Photo by: TV One Are you loving Asking for a Friend as much as we are? It’s Week 3, and we are hooked, wondering who these BFF pairs will pick for each other’s potential partner. Next up to put each other on is a duo of best friends turned business partners: Adrian and Emanuel. These Atlanta […]

LADIES! It's that time again to pose the question "What do you consider red flags while dating?" Last time, you all dropped gems, and we want to continue that conversation. So, ladies tell us some more red flags that you consider while dating. To read some of lovely ladies' answers, head over to

The thought of being an ex’s best friend may be a bit cringe to some, but others happily embrace friendship from a previous relationship! And we totally see that on the second episode of TV One’s Asking For a Friend! This duo playing matchmaker are exes turned besties. Myia, 32, is a serial entrepreneur, and Graylin, […]