This week’s episode of Asking for a Friend is about to get real! 

As soon as we thought we saw it all from ex-partners picking each other’s blind dates, to last week’s scandalous switch. This week’s besties are a father-and-daughter duo. 

Meet daughter-and-father/besties Butter and Nia! 

Shelley, aka Butter, is a 49-year-old Realtor who was born in Flagstaff, AZ, and raised in Denver, CO. A few years ago, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia with his daughter, Nia. 

Nia is a 21-year-old pastry chef, who was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. 

To describe their bond, Nia and Butter both say friendship is a “forced besties” as a result of Butter raising Nia as a single father. They do everything together, even partying. 

Due to their tight bond, both Butter and Nia consider each other as a packaged deal, which can be intimidating to possible admirers. 

Butter, who has been single for almost 22 years, describes his ideal girlfriend to be brown, and or dark-skinned, short, thick, who isn’t only book smart but also street smart. And of course, she will have to get along with Nia. He is looking to be in it for the long haul and wants to get married. 

Butter’s dating history has been rocky, due to not meeting women who has the same mindset as himself. Timing has played a significant role in his dating history because he would either be prepared for a long-term commitment or his partners weren’t quite ready, and vice versa. 

Nia has been in two serious relationships, which ended due to her partners having a lack of motivation and not being mature. She is looking for a long-term relationship with someone who knows how to be in a committed relationship, also knowing/being capable of giving and receiving love. 

Nia thinks her father needs a woman who is strong and assertive, while Butter knows that Nia goes for thugs/bad boys. 

After meeting their blind dates, Butter and Nia are initially shocked to learn that they picked the complete opposite of what each other wants! Let’s see if opposites really do attract. 

Meet the Besties: Butter and Nia at their blind dates

Source: TV One / TV One

Do you think Butter and Nia are really ready to find love, or do you think this daughter-and-father BFF pair dynamic will scare off their potential partners? 

Adult children, tell us in the comments if you would set your parent on a blind date. Parents, let us know if you are willing to go on a double-blind date with your children. Catch an all-new episode of Asking for a Friend, Thursday May 25th at 10P/9C only on TV One!  

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