These small-town women are ready for the big city’s dating scene! 

As we are highly anticipating this week’s episode of Asking for a Friend, we’re introducing this week’s BFFs, Jasmine and Tyranny. 

Jasmine and Tyranny are fed up with picking the wrong men and circling in their small town’s dating pool. In the hopes of finding enduring love, these close friends are prepared to make the right decision for one another. 

They have been friends for almost seven or ten years (neither actually knows), and they first met at Hooters while Tyranny was working, and Jasmine was hunting for attractive women. 

Jasmine is a 31-year-old accountant specialist who was born in Augusta, Georgia, but she lived in a small South Carolina town for most of her life. After finishing high school, she attended a historically black college in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Tyranny is a 28-year-old and works in the business development field. 

Originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina, Tyranny was raised in Augusta, Georgia. She attended a private primary school before attending a high school where she received honors. 

Jasmine identifies herself as openly bisexual, she has had relationships with both men and women in the past, but she doesn’t have a lot of experience with dating in a meaningful way. She has only been in two failed serious relationships. 

Tyranny shared that has dated a lot of liars and narcissists. She is looking for someone who is spontaneous, honest, loving, and hilarious. 

Jasmine is seeking a tall, attractive person with decent skin, a charming smile, tattoos, and facial hair (on guys). Tyranny desires a man who is tall, without children, and has her favorite feature—dimples. 

Tyranny, in Jasmine’s opinion, frequently dates guys who don’t live up to her expectations, so she needs to find someone who will treat her equally and allow her to be who she truly is. 

The goal of this pair of best friends is to set the other up so they may finally meet the proper people, be themselves, and experience love. So, will this bestie pair be successful? 

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