Whew, thank goodness for our besties helping with this huge daunting task! 

As we continue to watch this season of Asking for a Friend, seeing besties pick out suitors for each other is becoming interesting! Some of these double-blind dates have gone really well, while some stopped us in the middle of our tracks! 

Will this newly-formed BFF pair be successful? 

Meet Paula and Megan! After only a little more than a year of their friendship, Megan and Paula are attempting to support one another as they enter the local dating scene. 

Megan, who is originally from Houston, TX states that she hasn’t been on the dating scene in Atlanta due to the city’s “questionable people.” 

On the other hand, Paula describes herself as a “runner.” If she detects any red flags, she will cut all ties. 

When it comes to their dating history, Megan believes that she has a hard time finding the love of her life, as she describes she “just can’t pick them” and keeps “striking out.” She hopes that her girl Paula will be able help put an end to this reoccurring issue. 

Paula, a 43-year-old small business owner has recently gotten divorced and is ready to start mingling with Atlanta’s bachelors. Can she easily adapt to the Hotlanta dating pool? 

Paula thinks that Megan focuses a lot on a man’s physical appearance, and it is hindering her from finding her next relationship. Megan is attracted to fine men, who are in shape. Paula wants a man that checks off every requirement on her list and vibes with her personality. 

 With the help of each bestie, what can go wrong on these double-blind dates? 

While these lovely ladies wait for their dates to arrive, we see a very familiar face ready for his second shot on Asking for a Friend! It’s none other than Courtney from our first episode. As Paula is introduced to her blind date, Kevin, things take a very interesting turn. 

Will these two ladies find their Mr. Right? Or will this be a case of the blind leading the blind? 

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