All good things must come to an end. And because we’re reaching the season finale of Asking for a Friend, we’re going out with a bang!

When looking back at this season’s memorable moments, we’ve seen suitors successfully switch dates, a father-and-daughter duo who picked out dates for each other, besties picking dates who didn’t align with their BFF’s wants in a partner, and so much more. But now it’s time to meet this week’s besties!

Meet this week’s besties, Gary and Alade.

Gary is a 36-year-old artist, and Alade is a 35-year-old former basketball player, and they run a hot nightclub together. When it comes to dating, there is no shortage of stunning women for these bachelors to choose from.

Gary expressed that his last relationship didn’t work out because he grew apart from his last girlfriend. He also shared that another reason why the relationship failed was because they simply grew apart.

This artist is looking for a woman who’s beautiful and has a nice shape, that is consistent and career-orientated.

Gary believes that the reason why he’s single is because he doesn’t think women in Atlanta have the desire to truly get to know someone outside of looks.

Alade Is looking for a beautiful, nice-shaped woman whom he is physically attracted to, a woman that can speak “facts,” while having an honest conversation, and bring “values” to the table.

When it comes to analyzing each other’s dating history, and what could be a hinderance to their friend’s dating life Gary believes that Alade goes after vain women, who don’t make for long-term companionship, and the women of his past took advantage of his kindness.

Alade believes that Gary doesn’t include his partners in his success, leaving very little quality time with them.

Will these two be successful in finding each other a partner?

Don’t forget that this is the season finale of Asking for a Friend, if you missed any episodes and would like to catch up on the first season you can watch full episodes on VOD, as well as the TV One app!

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