It’s about to go down! This Thursday, MAY 18th our beloved dating series Asking for a Friend is making its return! 

As you already know we just love seeing besties hook each other up with their potential matches, and we can’t help but to listen to our host LisaRaye McCoy’s dating advice, so the fun must continue. Next up to pick their partners are this fabulous bestie duo, Arielle and Tamarah. 

This BFF pair met via a mutual friend via Tinder, now they’re placing their offline hunt for the ideal man in each other’s hands. 

So, let’s introduce Arielle and Tamarah, shall we? 

Arielle is a 33-year-old IT engineer who is looking for Mr. Right and isn’t willing to settle for anything less than perfect. 

This IT engineer can be described as bubbly and fun, but don’t let that fool you. 

To meet Arielle’s requirements, her partner in crime/ soul mate must be fit, muscular, and fine. However, she admits that she’s dating around until she finds her special person. 

Up next is Tamarah! 

Tamarah is a 30-year-old, principal at a strategic communications firm. She wants a man who is good looking, tall, fit, muscular, athletic, and has a nice beard. Oh! And she loves a man who has waves. 

She is currently in a long-term situationship. However, Arielle is determined to pair Tamarah up with someone who WANTS to commit to her! 

To kick off their blind dates, this fun BFF duo are headed to Urban Park, where they CAN’T be bored. 

Will the sparks fly as these singles work up a sweat? You’ll have to watch the season return of Asking for a Friend, Thursday, May 18th AT 10P/9C to find out how it all goes down! 

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