We’ve been having a blast watching best friends help each other with the daunting task of finding a partner that’s just right. 

Last week, we saw a dynamic father-and-daughter help each other find love, can this week’s BFF pair do the same? 

Meet Angelica and Christine who are middle school besties! They previously lost contact with each other over the course of time, however, they quickly reconnected after both relocating to Atlanta. 

We love inseparable besties, especially those that help each other find their perfect man! 

Angelica describes herself as a “great catch!” She is a 37-year-old, mortgage agent who is into fit-looking, and healthy men. She shares that she doesn’t have an aesthetic preference, she will give a man a chance if she is attracted to them. 

Christine is a 37-year-old, insurance representative who states she gives men who aren’t deserving a chance.  

She is looking for a man who is adventurous and resourceful. Unlike Angelica, she prefers her men to be handsome, strong, and a bit country. 

When it comes to dating, Angelica states that she is able to connect with men that have all of the qualifications on paper, however, they are already married! 

Christine states that she doesn’t really like to get to know people, which limits her finding a man. Angelica says that her BFF needs someone who can pull her out of her shell and won’t become overbearing, and “drown” her. 

As this week’s BFF pair heads to their double-blind date, they meet men who are the opposite of what they are attracted to.  

Will this BFF pair find each other a man that they want, or a man that they need? Catch an all new episode of Asking for a Friend to find out! 

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