After divorces and unsuccessful dates, these BFFs are ready to find traditional love in the new dating age!

These besties are trying out the dating scene in a bigger city after picking the wrong guys in their small hometown. Will they see more W's than L's in the land of players?

These two BFFs believe that laughter can be the best remedy for their dating experiences, will they be able to find a match for each other?

Meet this week's bestie pair, Paula and Megan! These two have been BFFs for just a little over a year, and are leaning on each other to find their next man. Will these newly-formed BFFs be able to pick each other's Mr. Right? Or will this be a case of the blind leading the blind ? To learn more about Paula and Megan, click the link in our bio.

Meet this week's BFF pair, Angelica and Christine! They have been best friends since middle school days, so it should be an easy task to find each other a boyfriend right? Watch an all-new episode of #AskingforaFriend, Thursday, June 1st at 10P/9C, to see if these ride-or-die friends succeed.

These besties are ready to find each other a partner, but do these soul sisters know each other well enough to pick out each other's boo?

Can these two best friends with polar opposite dating preferences be successful in finding each other's next lady?

This week's BFF pair Chrisy and Cherritta are two lovely BFFS who are ready to find their forever person!

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Love is in the air, but can your bestie pick your next partner?? Let’s meet the next duo on TV One’s all-new original dating series, Asking for a Friend! Week 2’s bestie pair is Myia & Graylin! This bestie pair met four years ago when they were seeing each other! Although the physical attraction was […]

Love is in the air, but can your bestie pick your next partner?? Week 1’s Asking for a Friend bestie pair was Aisha Del Rosario and Essence Royal! Aisha and Essence are work besties within the corporate world. They have known each other for a year and a half and are ready to jump into […]