Love is in the air, but can your bestie pick your next partner??

Let’s meet the next duo on TV One’s all-new original dating series, Asking for a Friend!

Week 2’s bestie pair is Myia & Graylin!

This bestie pair met four years ago when they were seeing each other! Although the physical attraction was there, this once lover-turned-friends pair eventually ended their relationship after being on two different life paths.

Myia is a 32-year-old serial entrepreneur that is smart, outgoing, and successful!

She has been single for a year, and is looking for a God-fearing, positive and successful man in the Atlanta area.

We know that’s right, Myia!

Up next is Graylin! Graylin is a 37-year-old security officer with TSA. He’s been single for three years.

Graylin is reserved, intelligent, direct, is detail oriented and likes clear communication. He is looking for a woman that is like-minded, goal orientated, who can bring him out of his shell, and enjoy the traditional aspects of romance.

And we love that for him!

For their double-blind date, Myia and Graylin decided to have a blast at a local bowling alley and the vibes were there!

It looks like the pair had amazing times with their dates. We can’t wait to see if Myia and Graylin successfully picked out each other’s dates.

Do you think Myia and Graylin can pick out each other’s dates/partners? Or do you think their picks are a bust?

Be sure to watch the second episode of Asking for a Friend, Thursday February 16th at 8P/7C!

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