Love is in the air, but can your bestie pick your next partner??

Week 1’s Asking for a Friend bestie pair was Aisha Del Rosario and Essence Royal!

Aisha and Essence are work besties within the corporate world. They have known each other for a year and a half and are ready to jump into the dating scene by picking out each other’s potential partners.

Aisha is a 48-year-old Recruiter and was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.

She has earned multiple degrees in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resources. She is currently divorced and has one child.

Aisha can be described as an old school dater, who has had two serious relationships that have left her to engage in self-dating, and self-healing work within the last ten years. This has resulted in her to really take her time to get ready for dating again.

Aisha believes that Essence’s outgoing personality and willingness to mingle with new people will make their double date enjoyable. Aisha, according to Essence, is a traditional dater who doesn’t take many chances. She wants Aisha to be happy because she is sick of watching her bounce back from difficult situations with guys.

Regardless of race, Aisha finds attractive men from all walks of life. She enjoys men who are over six feet tall, has salt and pepper hair, and has straight, pearly white teeth.

We can’t wait to see Aisha go on this double date! It’s time to get in the dating field!

Essence Royal is a 42-year-old Senior Sales Recruiter who was born in Louisiana and raised in London, England due to her father being enlisted in the Air Force.

Essence has been divorced twice and has four children. After her first divorce from her husband, she’s decided to date women. After divorcing her now ex-wife and moving to Atlanta she is ready to get men a real chance!

Essence is looking for a man who is either bald or has locs and a beard with some salt and pepper, but they have to look corporately presentable.

Do you think these two best friends did a good job of selecting each other’s partners? Or do you think things went left really quick?

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