Did you catch last night's tea? You know we had to get the answers to some of your burning questions during Part 2 of #TheOneatTVOne reunion! Were you shocked by the controversy that didn't make it on the big screen? Plus, it looks like Brent and Ashley J hit it off after filming! 😍 For a recap, click the link in our bio.

Last week, we watched Brent and Ashley make their final decisions on their journey to find The One. Now, we're catching up with everyone.

Last night was THE night we found out who was declared to be the one and only for Ashley and Brent! Let’s jump straight into the episode… after Steave and Melisa (aka Lisa Lisa) were sent home the night before everyone’s nerves were all over the place. As the final day begins, Brent and Ashley had […]

We all have our preferences when it comes to dating. Some people like to take their time and truly get to know each other. And some people like to date at a faster pace, but how soon is too soon?

Last night's episode of #TheOneonTVOne had people in their feelings! From the shady cattiness to the elimination process, we all were holding our breath. Were you surprised by who was sent home, do you think you know who will be sent packing next week?

Man, did we have a time last night! As the competition continues to thicken, all types of shade were being thrown, and tempers were flaring! Did you watch the latest episode of #TheOneatTVOne? If so, let us know what your thoughts are.

Whew, chile ! Last night's episode of #TheOneatTVOne had our jaws dropping . Were you surprised at last night's episode?

Man, this sleepover had everyone up in arms! The daters discover through Mieka that Brent shared his bed with one of the women, sending the house into a frenzy. Will the latest events affect Brent and Ashley's judgment over who to send home as the first elimination approaches 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♂️?

Whew it got spicy last night! To welcome their suitors, Ashley and Brent threw a fun, grown and sexy cocktail party where we saw tempers flare.

It was the last round of dates for Brent and Ashley, before we all head to the mansion, and these suitors left us speechless!

Over the weekend, @tvonetv showed up and showed out at #ABFF2023 with previews of new and upcoming programming!

Last night was interesting, to say the least... if you haven't watched last night's episode of #TheOneatTVOne, you're missing out!