How soon is too soon?

Well in last night’s episode of The One, we got our answers!

The day starts off with our amazing host, Kirk Franklin stopping by The One Mansion, to check in with everyone. Adebiyi is back from his brother’s wedding and expressed his desire to get married. Which sparked a deep conversation in the house.

First explaining why he’s solo, he shared that he and Tammy’s eldest daughter went into labor, and Tammy took time to tend to her new granddaughter and daughter.

According to Kirk Franklin, he and his wife Tammy started their union, and family as a blended one. And immediately after he began dropping major gems.

After learning who had children (Melisa, Ashley J, andMatthew) Brent reflected on his indecisiveness of dating a woman with children. And now in this point of his journey, we began to see a change of heart!

Talk about growth! Speaking of growth, Ashley also mentioned that meeting a potential partner’s child is a huge, and serious step. Will she be ready to meet and bond with Matthew’s child?

After the conversation, Matthew took the time to have a one-on-one with the bachelorette. They discussed her views on family, and talked about how he wants Ashley to meet his daughter!

Brent admitted that meeting a woman’s child is nerve-wrenching especially when the dating process is sped up. However, he faced his fears and met Ashley J’s 15-year-old son, Ashton.

Ashton didn’t hold back any punches and went straight for the big question, “what are your intentions with my mom?” and although Brent knew that was meant in a light-hearted way, he realized that Ashley J did an amazing job of raising her son.

Brent also got to meet Melisa’s adorable and energetic five-year-old son, Mello. Feeling similar towards Ashley J, Brent expressed that he wanted to see Melisa in her motherly element. And also thinks that she’s doing a phenomenal job of raising him.

On the other hand, as Ashley’s and Matthew’s conversation comes to a close, Ashley shared that she isn’t ready to meet his daughter. And admitted after realizing how serious Matthew is about their connection, the thought of meeting a man’s child is scary.

Our guy Steave took the time to woo Ashley by buying her flowers, after hearing that she wants a more authentic romantic connection with him.

As their conversation got deeper, Ashley realized that she might have friend-zoned him unintentionally. But she is feeling the romantic gestures, and his initiative to show how hard he is willing to win her heart.

Rychie and Brent also had their one-on-one, as they discussed their commonality of not having children. Rychie shared that she froze her eggs and wants to be married before having any children. Brent agreed.

As the day progressed, Ashley’s and Brent’s suitors were in for a surprise as they discover they have to pick a potential engagement ring for the bachelor, and bachelorette.

But here’s the catch, they must choose a ring that best suits Brent’s and Ashley’s personalities! It should be a piece of cake, right?

The suave-natured Adebiyi won the challenge, and also won a date with Ashley, while Ashley J won herself with Brent.

As the night falls, and elimination quickly approached, we grew more anxious to see who will be sent home.

And we were STUNNED after seeing who went home!

You all know the drill, we have been reading all of your comments/tweets, and now it’s time to highlight some of our favorite tweets!


Although Kirk encouraged Brent and Ashley to meet their suitors’ kids, do you think it was too soon? Let us know in the comments.

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