Dear future who?! Ohh man last night’s episode of The One had us scratching our heads! 

Kicking off the day strong Kirk and Tammy Franklin brought in a special guest, family therapist Dr. Sherry Blake! 

Brent revealed that his first real relationship was his first marriage. He shared with Dr. Blake that he’s noticed that he has been reluctant to let love in after his marriage ended. While Ashley shared that she views herself as a “professional dater” after dating for some time and settling. She shared that she does want to get married. 

As they got further into their discussion, Dr. Blake posed the question of “what is your expectation of a happy marriage and or relationship” after hearing that Ashley has stayed in unhappy relationships in the past. And that’s when the wheels began to turn. 

As our bachelor and bachelorette got ready for their fifth round of dates, Brent went on a fun, and exciting rock-climbing date, where he met beautiful Meka, a 41-year-old HR manager, and Ashley J, 35, who’s a construction manager. 

After listening to Dr. Blake earlier in the day, Brent shared that he’s beginning to focus on who could be a potential partner versus mostly focusing on physical appearance. Will Meka or Ashley be a match for our heartthrob? 

As for Ashley, she played pool on a date with Kenny, a 48-year-old construction manager, and Donte, a 42-year-old attorney. Ashley learned that Kenny had been married for approximately 7 to 8 years, and Donte was never married but has a son. 

Kenny didn’t show up empty-handed, he surprised Ms. Ashley with a bag. Let’s just say we were speechless when we saw it. We haven’t seen any sparks during her interactions with both men, but Ashley promised to keep an open mind as she’s getting to know her fifth round of suitors. 

Back at the dating house, Brent and Ashley made drinks for their guests, and brought out some delicious food. Everyone was just vibing, so you know we had to break out our favorite game, Twister! 

The game definitely got spicy! But then things got a bit awkward… Kenny broke out a video addressing his future wife. 

So, you know we had to check in with our fans to see what you all were thinking! 

Lol not the shenanigans! But we were all anticipating this episode, it was the fifth round of dates.

 On Date Night Thursdays, that’s ALL we search for!


We love Date Night Thursdays! And we really can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Good point there…

We’re sure Kenny will find his future wife, wherever she may be.

Who else felt this way We’re trying to see something real quick.

Now y’all didn’t have to do Kenny like that!


We really love the self-reflection this week!

Do you think Brent and Ashley made the right choice? Let us know below! 

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