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Last night was THE night we found out who was declared to be the one and only for Ashley and Brent!

Let’s jump straight into the episode… after Steave and Melisa (aka Lisa Lisa) were sent home the night before everyone’s nerves were all over the place.

As the final day begins, Brent and Ashley had a much-needed conversation about what was to take place that very night.

They both reflected on their growth, as well as the challenges that they faced along the way. As you recall at the beginning of the season, Brent’s motivation to get to know a woman that he saw himself dating was her looks. He also shared that he was hesitant to date a woman that had children.

On the other hand, Ashley was more reserved about her wants and desires when looking for a potential partner, and we got a chance to see her be more what and even who she wants.

And throughout the season, with the help of the fabulous Kirk and Tammy Franklin, both our bachelor and bachelorette are more open-minded about their dating process.

Although they were in high spirits, you could sense that they were nervous about picking the right person. And quite honestly, who can blame them?

Ashley J and Rychie, Brent’s suitors, also shared their feelings about being the last two women standing in the competition. As they had their emotional conversation, they both revealed to each other that they are scared of what’s to come. But it was als refreshing to see how much they respected each other, even declaring how lucky Brent would be either way!

As the ladies’ conversation comes to a close, Matthew decided to comfort them, as he revealed that he too is also nervous about the eliminations.

He expressed that his source of nervousness is that he senses that his and Ashley’s connection isn’t as strong as it was previously. Could this be about the drinking situation??

As the three suitors are mellowing out, Matthew decided to have a drink of wine. Do you think that this could have ruined his chances with Ashley??

One common theme that we saw and loved was the support that everyone was giving to each other!

As the day continues, Kirk and Tammy brought Dr. Sherry Blake back to The One Mansion, where she provided counseling to everyone.

As Dr. Shelly Blake posed the question of “why do you think you’re the one” to the suitors, the conversation got deep.

We heard Rychie share that prior to the competition, she didn’t feel as though she was deserving to find a connection, much like the one she has with Brent. Ashley J shared that her internal journey throughout the competition proves that she’s the one for Brent.

As for Ashley’s suitors, Adebiyi told Dr. Shelly Blake that he’s the one for Ashley, because his efforts to continue to build a stronger connection to the bachelorette even when he was attending his brother’s wedding.

Matthew answered the tough question by saying that after thinking about this question often, he prayed on it. He said that Ashley is the one that he wants to be with and has made choices to reflect that want.

As Brent and Ashley had their one-on-one time with the family therapist, Brent shared that trust is a big factor of choosing the right lady that he can see himself with in the long run.

Ashley shared that she wants someone that’s emotionally stable, but when the therapist asked if trust is a big factor, it made her think of her connection with Matthew, due to the drink debacle.

We honestly wonder if this ordeal will make or in this case break their strong connection.

As their last night together, everyone decided to agree amongst themselves that they don’t wish anyone to feel slighted after the big decisions are made.

Revealing their final decisions, we learned that Ashley J was the one for Brent, while Ashley felt she had more growing to do before choosing either of her last two suitors. The decision took the room aback, but everyone ultimately respected her choice, especially because it showed personal growth and a commitment to herself.

We checked in with the fans on Twitter to see your thoughts throughout the episode, and the conversation was LIVELY! Check out what some folks were saying during last night’s live tweet.


So now that Brent and Ashley made their decisions, were you shocked? Let us know in the comments. Plus, if you’ve loved this season of The One, trust me when I say, you don’t want to miss the two-part reunion starting next Thursday, August 17 at 9p/8c only on TV One!

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