It went down last night! 

To welcome all of their suitors to the mansion, our amazing bachelorette Ashley and bachelor Brent threw a magnificent cocktail party. Ashley and Matthew’s relationship began to heat up, but the evening went totally left as Brent and one of Ashley’s admirers get into a heated exchange. 

But before we get into that tea, let’s talk about the night overall. 

Ashley and Brent showed their excitement as they met with the lovely Franklins at The One Mansion. As they received their daily advice from both Kirk and Tammy, (of being ready and open to this experience) the Franklins expressed their happiness and excitement as our bachelor and bachelorette are closer to finding their one. 

As their suitors arrive at the mansion, we saw their high level of confidence as to being Ashley’s or Brent’s special person. 

With drinks, and conversations going, the claws began to come out a bit as Brent and his six suitors were getting to know each other better in this new setting. Meka was very curious about how her direct competitor, Ashley J was moved into the mansion even after being eliminated. 

Brent shared with his six suitors that he’s looking for his best friend as he narrows down his choices. Ashley shared that what matters to her in a relationship is how her man handles his anger. And, ALL of these men have a high level of emotional intelligence. 

When it came to the one-on-ones, Meka and Matthew were the first to get their time for the night. Meka wanted to get a better understanding of how Ashley J was moved into the mansion, while Matthew and Ashley talked about their past. Ashley even shared that she had anger issues in the past. And man, the sparks started flying. They shared a kiss!  

Brent and Ashley J shared a very sensual hug. But unfortunately, as the fun night came to an end, Brian and Brent got into it over whether or not it’s insecure for someone to look at their partner’s phone. 

And you know we had to see what our fans had to say on Twitter! Check out some of our favorite comments below.

Let’s gooooo!

You know Kirk is coming with all of the jokes.

Tammy ALWAYS bring the heat and looks!

Indeed, it was.


Not this fan having us belt out the song.

We love men who can cook!

Ok, Jasmun! We see you.

Do you agree with @JDestiny58?

Dr. Ro had us cackling last night!

Next week is going to get SPICY!

Do you think things will cool down between everyone, or do you think tempers will continue to flare? 

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