Do we have a runaway bride on our hands?!

Whew, chile… this episode of The One is off the chain! We aren’t going to waste any more time, and we’re hopping straight into what took place at The One Mansion.

After last week’s elimination, the suitors of the house share their gratitude, and confidence after being chosen to stay by both Brent and Ashley.

The day starts with Ashley’s suitors expressing that they’re happy that they have been chosen by Ashley to stay at the mansion, after explaining how they are a good match for the bachelorette. And Brent’s suitors followed suit and expressed the same gratitude and confidence.

The question is, who’s truly the one for Brent and Ashley?

As Brent greets everyone, the energy seemed like it was missing something. And it hit everyone like a ton of bricks, Ashley was nowhere to be found! She managed to slip into the night, without anyone knowing where she went or why she disappeared after Brian’s and Jazzy‘s heated discussion.

Brian explained that after his second heated argument that he noticed that Ashley was upset and tried to talk to her. He checked to see if the bachelorette was in her room, and it was empty… Matthew was also out the mansion as he was attending his late friend’s funeral.

Now that it’s a whole new day, and nobody has yet to see her the number one question that everyone had was what could happen to cause her to leave so abruptly?!

To ease any possible tension with the ladies of the mansion, Brent decided to have a fun, grown and sexy hot yoga date with them. And it looked like he was having the TIME of his life! After the day date, Brent and Lisa Lisa had their one-on-one time, where she expressed how far he is willing to go after his exchange with Brian. Needless to say, Ms. Lisa Lisa is falling deeper for Mr. Brent.

Meanwhile back at the mansion, the men are growing really concerned about Ashley’s whereabouts! As the day continues, Matthew returned to the mansion. And when he noticed that Ashley was gone, he shared that he was hurt.

The amazing, wise, and understanding Franklins shared that the reason why Ashley left abruptly was because she became overwhelmed with how she was maneuvering through the process and needed a reset. And of course, you already know our favorite couple came to save the day and continue to nurture and guide both Ashley and Brent, individually and together!

Coming back to the mansion, Ashley shared things between her and Matthew got hot and heavy. And she reflected on how she felt when Brent and Jazzy slept in the same bed, Ashley admitted that she wasn’t taking care of herself.

After apologizing to everyone for her absence, our guy Steave took the moment to speak life into Ashley even after she came clean to him about what happened between her and Matthew.

Brian and Ashley got their one-on-one where they talked about what transpired between him and Jazzy. And while they were talking, Brian dropped shocking news. He and Matthew drank together during one of the mansion’s parties. Now if you recall, Matthew shared that he stopped drinking in order to take life more seriously.

Soooo will this cause major friction between him and Ashley? Check out some of our favorite tweets from last night!

This has been a fun, and entertaining time to say the least!

We know that’s right! If we don’t get these same loving vibes, then we DON’T want it!

Go ahead, Tammy! She always serves the essence of beauty!

We didn’t see this coming! Did you?

That part.


Did you have a feeling that Brian was going to be eliminated? Let us know in the comments.

Do you think Ashley doesn’t like Ade? We thought they were vibing.

This situation has everyone in an uproar!

We know Steave was feeling the spirit after getting chosen to move forward in the competition!

Now that things are really getting serious, do you think Brent made the right choice? Do you think things between Ashley and her suitors will continue to get rocky? Let us know in the comments!

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