When will this friction die down??

As we watched the latest episode of The Onewe noticed that the friction between the suitors, and with our bachelorette, Ashley Evans is becoming more blatant. The question of the night was “can the Franklins bring the tension down?”

After game night turned sour, Rychie, Melisa (Lisa Lisa), Ashley J, and Meka gathered around the table to figure out how they can approach Ashley regarding her getting upset with them.

After the girls had their moment of being transparent, Rychie had a lot to say about Ashley not being strong enough for this process, and how it was unfair that Brent’s suitors have to entertain Ashley’s suitors.

Do you agree with Rychie’s claims? Or do you think Rychie has some animosity towards the bachelorette?

After throwing shade towards Ashley, Rychie decided to help ease Brent’s stress by giving him a massage, while Ashley spent some one-on-one time with Matthew.

And we can tell that they’re bonding more because they unintentionally were matching. That’s until Ashley revealed that she isn’t as attracted to Matthew as she was previously because they were both in vulnerable positions. She shared that she needed that comfort, and he was able to provide that for her.

We wonder if Matthew feels the same way.

Switching back to Brent and Rychie’s one-on-one time, Brent revealed that he can appreciate Rychie’s realness. However, he seemed to notice the subtle static between her and Melisa, and decided to confront her about it.

After expressing that she doesn’t feel like Lisa Lisa was there to “win a heart” and doesn’t agree with her “style” Brent realized that he has now reached a point in the competition where each elimination will get more difficult.

So, who will he send packing tonight??

Steave took the initiative to set up some one-on-one time with Ashley before the talent show that Kirk and Tammy decided to host. And after realizing that Ashley is having a difficult time with the process, he decided to have a meditation session to help the bachelorette make more sound decisions.

Our guy Steave also let Ashley know his hesitations as he feels like he doesn’t know where he stands with her. They had a conversation about their connection, but Ashley needs that romantic side of Steave to come out, and come out organically, and authentically.

Meka and Brent also had some one-on-one time, where she discussed the cattiness between Rychie and Lisa Lisa. And needless to say, word got back to Lisa Lisa. She and Rychie had a quick girl chat about the conversation, and they left their feelings towards each other on the table!

The tension dies down as the talent show was held! The Franklins knew what could heal the energy of the mansion, because everyone had a blast showcasing their talents.

That’s until elimination time came rolling around. Check out our favorite tweets as we learned who was sent home!


Were you surprised by who was sent home? Tell us who you think will be sent home next, let us know in the comments.

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