Last week, we watched as Brent Underwood and Ashley Evans made their final decisions on their journey to find The One. Now, it’s time to catch up with everyone!

The thrilling two-part reunion special is hosted by our girl, Letoya Luckett, and you know she’s going to get ALL of the tea that you didn’t get to see throughout the season.

The Franklins, along with all 12 suitors, have returned to the mansion to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of our bachelor and bachelorette’s search for The One!

Let’s get into a few things, shall we?

When we checked in with Kirk and Tammy, Tammy shared how she was excited to see everyone of course, but also mentioned that she wants the atmosphere to be classy. Kirk, on the other hand, was more blunt. He said he wants everyone to pull up… things might get a little spicy!

After choosing herself, Ashley opened up about feeling confident in her decision and her eagerness to hear her suitors’ responses.

When they had the floor, the Franklins share that the reason why they wanted to be the hosts, and the guidance to Brent and Ashley. They revealed that they are multi-faced and play matchmakers behind the scenes.

And didn’t they do a good job?

Taking a trip down memory lane, LeToya takes us back to the first round of the bachelor and bachelorette’s dates, where we first met Brian and Melisa (Lisa Lisa).

From the beginning of the competition, Melisa was claiming Brent as her man, making it very clear that she was a confident woman.

And we love confident women, but we had to know why sis made the claim that early in the game.

“Well, it wasn’t really me being attached, but it was just my confidence,” she said. “I felt like after our first two dates, and the interactions I felt a connection.”

When it was Brian’s turn to share his journey, he had a bit to say about Ashley.

“I felt like she was different. I felt like she was kind of to herself, like the way she carried herself.” He added that her quietness, and reservedness made him more aware.

After hearing what each suitor had to say, Ashley told us that not only were Brian’s good looks were a plus, but she was drawn to him after he “stared into her soul” as they danced during their first date.

Brent shared his feelings he had towards Lisa Lisa, which was that she felt like an old friend, who he was easier to get to know. Her beauty and talents were also a plus for the seasoned bachelor.

Afterwards, everyone was talking about Lisa Lisa’s dress to which she replied that she didn’t make it, it was actually vintage.

Introducing Steave and Rychie, we got to hear how they’ve been since being sent home. And their answers had us smiling.

After Rychie was sent home by Brent, she revealed that she is now healed from the elimination in an “unconventional” way, however, it was “nice” to see him. Steave shared that he has been in contact with everyone in the house. All except for Ashley, which was shocking to hear!

After the next batch of suitors Jazzy, Mieka, Adebiyi, and Shuvar were introduces, we clocked some shadiness coming out!

While getting into her introduction into The One Mansion, Rychie thought it would be a good time to secretly cackle at the reaction that Brent expressed after receiving the infamous gift from Mighty Mik.

Now we all know how Rychie gives it up when it comes to Brent’s other suitors, but Mighty Mik shut down her former competition’s laughter after confirming with Brent that the gift wasn’t a weird gesture.

After seeing Meka again, we witnessed Brent saying that he wouldn’t have chosen to move her in the mansion if he had the opportunity for any redos. They both expressed that they gave each other friend vibes.

Getting down to the last batch of suitors, we got to see Matthew and Ashley J. And reflecting for their journeys, Meka was asked once again how she felt about Ashley J being moved back into the mansion.

Meka shared that she doesn’t feel any ill will towards Ashley J, however, suitors wouldn’t let her breathe as they quickly shared that nobody asked her about her feelings about the situation.

Winding down towards the end of the first part of The One, tea was spilled!

The Mansion rivals, Rychie and Melisa go toe-to-toe, but who will be exposed for spreading false rumors about the other suitors?

Tell us what are your thoughts on the reunion? Tell us your thoughts below! 

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