Back at The One Mansion to Recap the Journey | The One Reunion Part 2

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And we are back with the final installment of The One reunion! Let’s get right into it, and recap what went down last night, shall we?

Jumping straight into it, our girl/host LeToya Luckett, and the amazing Franklins took us down memory lane as Brent and Ashley expressed their initial feelings about the cocktail party.

Ashley and Matthew had their special moment, where they expressed their feelings toward each other. Brent and Brian even apologized to each other for their heated exchange.

However, when it came to addressing the Jazzy and Brent scandal, Brent’s suitors still weren’t feeling the situation!

When Jazzy finally told her side of the incident, she in fact questioned/checked Mieka, as she expressed that the situation was blown out of proportion because of Mieka’s decision to talk to everyone but Brent and Jazzy.

After Mieka spoke her peace, Ashley J had everyone scratching their heads at her response. According to Jazzy, Ashley J switched up her initial reaction to the scandal when asked her opinion!

But everyone, including the bachelor and bachelorette agreed that it was nobody’s business to stir the pot. But the drama didn’t stop there!

Donte had us clutching our pearls as he made a very bold statement. When addressing how he felt about being eliminated early in the competition, he let it be known that he isn’t a “pick me” and isn’t a guy to chase a woman down. He also took shots at Ashley’s decision-making skills, because she chose Steave over him.

Do you think Donte is a bit salty over the fact that he was eliminated early on in the competition?

But as you know the drama didn’t stop there, LeToya had to get the tea from Brian, Jazzy, and Ashley for the infamous exchange between the suitors!

When explaining himself, Brian shared that he was “on Jazzy’s side” when he asked her “is she grown?” Jazzy shared that she understood what Brian was saying, but his tone was the reason why she was offended, which also rubbed Ashley the wrong way.

All of the women agreed that any man that speaks to any woman in that tone can be offensive. And not only can it be offensive, but it can be scary for any woman to be subjected to that encounter. Understanding where they were coming from, Brian did apologize.

But you know LeToya wasn’t letting him off of the hook that easy though, she pressed him over the drinking scandal he caused before leaving the mansion.

Initially claiming that he “wouldn’t tell on another man,” Brian said that he didn’t snitch on Matthew, but merely correcting Ashley when she told him that she found Matthew taking his sobriety seriously attractive. Brian also said that he did see Matthew drink with him… at least he thought.

Although he wasn’t “babysitting” Matthew as everyone was drinking, he implied that if Matthew was acting as if he was drinking makes it look suspicious. Matthew was quick to check him, and reminded Ashley that he was willing to leave the mansion if he was going back on his word.

Ashley revealed that she did in fact feel foolish for believing Brian over Matthew, despite having feelings for Matthew. The bachelorette also shared that she felt foolish for doing the very thing that she scolded Brent for… going into Mr. Matthew’s room for “comfort.”

Our girl LeToya wasn’t done getting the rest of the pipin’ hot tea, she asked the question that fans wanted answered. How did Brent feel about Jazzy self-eliminating herself from the competition.

When addressing her reasons for leaving The One mansion, Jazzy simply explained that she isn’t into competition for any man. Although she formed a bond with the rest of Brent’s suitors, she said that isn’t her prerogative. And Brent revealed that the two has had conversations about this very topic prior to the radio host leaving the mansion.

So, with that being said, do you think that Jazzy should have declined the offer to moving into The One mansion??

Continuing to get the rest of the tea, LeToya circled back to Me’Lisa and asked if she felt like Brent, was her person. Melisa shared that one, Brent could be her person, and secondly, she loved the mental connection/stimulation that Brent gave during her time in the mansion.

A sour taste was clearly left in Me’Lisa’s mouth. She felt slighted that she was vulnerable in introducing her son to the bachelor and was eliminated right after.

Accepting her feelings, Brent revealed that he realized that the connection between the two wasn’t as strong as he thought. He felt that she might’ve put on a show in order to win him over.

Breaking the tension, our guy Steave, aka the mansion’s fun guy, revealed that he wasn’t never salty about being eliminated from the competition. He expressed his gratitude for Ashley keeping him around and saw his great attributes.

By the end of the night, Kirk and Tammy Franklin shared that they were proud of Brent’s and Ashley’s final decisions, because the bachelor and bachelorette made the right choices for themselves and decided not to emulate the Franklins.

As Ashley J and Brent gave us an update that they’re still going strong and seeing how the relationship blossoms, Ashley shares that she felt like she lost sight of herself as she was going through her dating journey. And because she felt like she lost sight of herself, she decided to focus on herself.

Adebiyi shared with the cast that he was surprised that she didn’t even choose Matthew, because it was apparent that she was feeling him the most. Matthew shared that he was proud of the bachelorette’s final decision.

Tell us what are your thoughts on the reunion? Tell us your thoughts below! 

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