The heat was on 1000% during last night’s episode of The One! 

As our bachelor and bachelorette gear up to head to the mansion, they had to get through their last round of dates. Kirk and Tammy didn’t waste any time asking Ashley and Brent some great, and sound questions/advice before meeting their last batch of suitors. 

 “So, now that you are trying to get your grown woman swag on, how do you maneuver through those human things like looks, and attraction?” Kirk asked Ashley. 

“It’s there, way in the back of my mind. However, how they treat me, how respectful they are, how honest, all of that comes before the looks.” Ashley stated as she reflects on how much these traits are more important to her especially when it comes to long-term commitments. 

When it came to their one-on-one guidance check-ins, Kirk reveals to Brent that sometimes “you just have to order nothing but grapes” in order to have a healthy relationship with one person. 

For his last date, Brent tried aerial acrobatics as he pondered the lesson that Kirk gave him earlier in the morning. He shared that he wants a woman that is willing to try new things with him, because he doesn’t like to get bored. 

He meets Jazmin, a 30-year-old social media manager, and Lea a 29-year-old realtor. Will they be open-minded enough for our bachelor? More importantly, will their ages be a hindrance? 

Our bachelorette, Ashley put her dry spell behind her and rediscovered her sensuous side while on a very exciting body painting date with Vaugh, a 34-year-old massage spa owner and Matthew, a 34-year-old logistics coordinator. 

When it came to the nightcap at the house, everyone was vibing and being open-minded as they tried aphrodisiac- based foods, well except for Vaughn. We also learned more about the last batch of suitors. 

When it came to their final decisions, we were completely caught off guard, unexpectedly, Brent was faced with rejection until he sent for this one special lady! 

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Did last night’s episode left you surprised? Let us know if you’re ready to see how these suitors will live together in the mansion in the comments! 

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