Photo by: Rich Polk/Stringer Duane Martin recently shared with fans his upcoming ventures, in revealing the news he shares that he will be a part of Will Smith’s “Bel-Air” reboot. The legendary actor spoke with Essence about his illustrious acting career and even gave fans a sneak peek at his latest role in “Bel-Air.” “I’m there […]

"I had maybe seven dollars to my name and I was scared -- it was like I was starting all over."

Raised in Chicago, LisaRaye McCoy grew up with her mother and father in a life of seeming luxury. It wasn’t until her father was murdered and she left Chicago that she saw what hardships her mother had to endure. Struggling with depression and his loss after his murder she attempted to take her own life. Knowing that something had to change and not believing that Chicago had anything to offer her anymore, LisaRaye took her newborn daughter to LA to make it as an actress. It wasn’t long before she had established herself as one of the top booked music video girls and landed her first movie with Ice Cube making her a household name – Players Club. Today she is focusing on her businesses – following in her fathers footsteps and establishing that we haven’t seen the last of LisaRaye McCoy just yet.

It's no secret there were issues between LisaRaye and her ex-husband Michael Misick, but who would've thought Duane Martin, the actresses' best friend at one time, would allegedly play a role in the demise of their two-year marriage.

From the 'Get Christie Love' reboot to the Regina King and Robin Roberts drama, the network said no to a number of black faces this season.