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The Bad Boys are BACK. Fans of the franchise will be happy to know Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have reportedly confirmed their participation in the third installment of the Blockbuster hit.

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According to reports, “the film will see Lawrence’s character Marcus Burnett working as a private eye after a falling out with Smith’s Mike Lowery, who is going through a midlife crisis as a bachelor who finally wants to mature, all while dealing with a new a young and cocky partner who is loyal to Lowery but that loyalty is not reciprocated, and finds bond with Burnett when he returns to the fray. Lowery and Burnett are brought together again when a lean, mean, skilled,  Albanian mercenary with a vendetta puts a death order on Lowery and Burnett for the death of his brother. Now the two must work together once again to bring him down.” 

Sounds promising, right? We’re not sure if it was Will’s plea to Lawrence last month on his birthday or if it’s news of the film’s spin-off, L.A.’s Finest, starring Gabrielle Union, Duane Martin and Jessica Alba, but we’re just glad to see these two on screen together one last time.

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Sony has announced Bad Boys For Life is slated for a January 2020 release.

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