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Two years after Tisha Campbell left her marriage to Duane Martin, she revealed in a recent interview that she had nothing in the bank, “I had maybe seven dollars to my name and I was scared — it was like I was starting all over.”

Photo by Earl Gibson III/Rich Fury/Getty Images

The 52-year-old actress told Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier that not many people knew she left with nothing. Noting that it was difficult for her to start over with her two sons Xen (19) and Ezekiel (11).

“The fact that I did raise children who didn’t care about the big mansion that I had or that we had to start over or any of it,” she said while fighting back tears. “Starting over is not always the easiest thing but it’s the necessary thing. It’s a beautiful devastation.”

In 2019, TV One reported that Campbell was granted a temporary restraining order from Martin after alleging physical, emotional, and mental abuse since the start of their marriage in 1996. Additionally claiming that the All of Us actor hid money from her during their marriage.

When asked if she would be ready to date again, she confidently said, “no, hell no!”

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. So don’t ask me that s–t no more,” she gleefully added.

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