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After one day of deliberation, the Derek Chauvin trial jury has reached a verdict over the death of George Floyd.

"It made no sense to me, that no company of significance had claimed this lane, so why not me?"

After days on life support, DMX has been pronounced dead.

Tyler Perry is developing a drama prequel series about Madea's origin story with Showtime.

"We have to stay in the hospital for a while. My baby girl thinks she's missing something out here."

"He’s still in the same condition — in a vegetative state, [with] lung and brain failure and no brain activity."

Anita Kopacz's debut novel tells a tale of "strength, love, perseverance, and Black identity" through the eyes of a Yoruba deity in "Shallow Waters."

The actress disclosed that prior to being in a relationship with Betts, she had never considered being with a woman. 

From How to Be a Player to The Brothers and Love Jones, Bill Bellamy was at the peak of his career from the late 90s to the early 2000s until he disappeared from the Hollywood scene.