As we continue our celebration of 20 years of TV One, we shine a light on Urban One Founder Ms. Cathy Hughes and her son, Alfred Liggins III, Urban One CEO. More than just mother and son, they #REPRESENT a dynamic duo and a dream personified, creating and operating the largest and most successful Black […]

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Who would have imagined the idea and determination of a 16-year-old would turn into a media powerhouse? This year, TV One celebrates its 20th Anniversary. That 16-year-old was none other than Urban One CEO Alfred Liggins, III. What else could be expected when his mother, media mogul Cathy Hughes, founded the conglomerate that is Urban […]

TV One launching on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was the ultimate celebration of our culture ✊🏾 For two decades, our stories have flipped the script, defied the odds and changed the game. TV One is known to celebrate the good times, key cultural moments, and our heroes without capes. Join us as we continue […]

Bresha Webb has always been a star, and her role as Immunique on TV One’s first original sitcom, Love That Girl was proof of that! 🤩 We’re taking you back as we celebrate 20 Years of TV One!

Now that we traveled back in time to the golden era of R&B and Soul music, it's time we remember one of the best decades, the 80s! To see the beloved artists that'll keep the party going during the #Unsung15 anniversary marathon on Thanksgiving.

Alright y'all, it's time to travel back to the golden era of music, or what we know and call the decade of soul as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of #Unsung!

Things are heating up on TV One in 2024! On Wednesday, network executives announced a comprehensive slate of new and returning programming across linear and digital platforms for the upcoming year, and we’re excited to share the news! For 20 years, TV One Networks has been an industry leader in the space of representing Black […]

Did you catch last night's tea? You know we had to get the answers to some of your burning questions during Part 2 of #TheOneatTVOne reunion! Were you shocked by the controversy that didn't make it on the big screen? Plus, it looks like Brent and Ashley J hit it off after filming! 😍 For a recap, click the link in our bio.

Last week, we watched Brent and Ashley make their final decisions on their journey to find The One. Now, we're catching up with everyone.

Last night was THE night we found out who was declared to be the one and only for Ashley and Brent! Let’s jump straight into the episode… after Steave and Melisa (aka Lisa Lisa) were sent home the night before everyone’s nerves were all over the place. As the final day begins, Brent and Ashley had […]

As the season premiere of #SinsoftheCity aired last night, Trayvon Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton talks about the importance of his story.

We all have our preferences when it comes to dating. Some people like to take their time and truly get to know each other. And some people like to date at a faster pace, but how soon is too soon?