Brent and Ashley are in for quite a journey as they search for “the one!”  

After a juicy premiere episode of TV One’s brand-new dating series, The One last night, we are super excited to see how our beloved matchmakers and hosts Kirk and Tammy Franklinwill school the two on what it truly takes to find love! 

Brent and Ashley are our bachelor and bachelorette who have been looking for love for a very long time. 

As the Franklins meet Ashley and Brent for the first time, Kirk expressed that he and Tammy are “excited about seeing that there’s something they can do to help serve them on the journey, trying to find someone special.” 

With 27 years of marriage under their belts, Kirk and Tammy have seen and experienced it all.  

“You know being married for 27 years, does gives us experience,” Tammy stated. “I think if he can do it as a side hustle, he would. He so enjoys setting people up.” 

Kirk and Tammy both expressed to Ashley that humans are “wired for pleasure” and encouraged the young chemist to add physical attributes to her top 5 qualities she looks for in a partner. 

Our super singles set out on the first of six romantic dates, complete with exciting activities and sexy suitors. 

But here’s the catch, Brent and Ashley each will double date two perspective boos at the same time! 

Kicking off the first date of the episode, Brent meets Melisa (Lisa), 36, who is a hair and make-up stylist, and Michelle, 35, who is a fitness trainer as they all spar it out in Mayweather’s owned gym! 

While Brent spends some one-on-one time with Lisa, she informs him that “the value that she can bring” makes her different from the rest of her competition. 

Michelle expressed and made it super clear that she compliments Brent well, as they both are heavily into fitness and overall wellness. 

Ashley, on the other hand, meets Michael, 35, who is an IT specialist, and Brian, 34, a business owner while the men battle it out for Ashley’s attention on the dance floor as they take salsa lessons.  

During her one-on-one time with Michael, he shares that he just separated from the mother of his children, and as he is reentering the dating scene. This Mississippi native revealled that he is working on showing his emotions, and overall communicating better. 

The following day, our super singles and their dates play the infamous game, never have I ever! And things got super spicy. 

Brent and Ashley will still ultimately have to decide which of their dates will join them on their search for the One, and which one will be sent home at the conclusion of the evening. 

We also loved hearing from our fans, check out some of our favorite fan tweets from last night’s live tweet.

Our girl Melinda Melrose, one of the winners of Too Hot To Handle season 2 came through to show her support for The One! 

As you can see, she was on fire last night as she shared her commentary of the kickoff episode. Adn we couldn’t agree more.

Aren’t the Franklins the best matchmakers! We need a book of their advice.


Jordan hit the bull’s eye with this tweet! We CAN NOT wait to see how this season ends.

Yes, give it up to Kirk and Tammy Franklin on their long-lasting union.


The Franklins had us in stitches last night! And we have a feeling that the #thingsKirksays will be a thing in these Twitter streets.

Let us find out y’all are trying to make Brent and Ashley an item!

Now wait a minute, that would be a wild plot twist if this were to happen!

To see who Brent and Ashley chose, catch up on the premiere episode of The One on demand or the TV One App! 

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