LADIES! It's that time again to pose the question "What do you consider red flags while dating?" Last time, you all dropped gems, and we want to continue that conversation. So, ladies tell us some more red flags that you consider while dating. To read some of lovely ladies' answers, head over to

Love is in the air, but can your bestie pick your next partner?? Week 1’s Asking for a Friend bestie pair was Aisha Del Rosario and Essence Royal! Aisha and Essence are work besties within the corporate world. They have known each other for a year and a half and are ready to jump into […]

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We are schooling #Unsung viewers as we explore the history of SOLAR Records this coming Sunday, November 6th, during the Unsung season finale! Are you ready to learn about one of the most influential record labels?

Although race was the motivating factor behind their disqualification, could the high school student football players be guilty of a different crime?

When a slew of successful robberies take place in Dallas, one clue leads detectives to determine who the true culprits are and whether it’s all connected.

The truth begins to unravel when detectives look at Sheriff Sidney Dorsey as a possible murder suspect. Are jealousy and power the motive?

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