Sins of The City is a close-ended series that exposes the dark underbelly of a city you thought you knew, by highlighting the mysterious crimes that changed the community forever.

Throughout our great country, there are places that you think you know: New Orleans, Dallas, Washington DC, and Baltimore. But when you peel back the layers of these bustling cities, there’s a darker side to every zip code. A side the tour guides won’t tell you about. When a crime takes place, how does a city’s character change? And when a crime scene is discovered on a different side of the tracks, what kind of justice is served?

Combining informative takeaways and chilling first-hand storytelling, Sins of The City focuses on one shocking murder and begins with the discovery of a body as investigators are called to the scene in each hour-long episode. Recreations show investigators working through the evidence to secure leads while narration, interviews, archive, and targeted visuals round out the crime storytelling and capture the uniqueness of the city, the city’s history, and the people who inhabit it. After a suspect is identified and an arrest is made, we watch the trial shake the city to its core and utilize archival news footage from when the captivating story broke. Each episode concludes with a verdict and the impact the case had on the victim’s family, law enforcement, the city, and the people living there.

Sins of The City premieres Thursday, May 13 at 9P/8C.

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