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LADIES, it’s that time again!

It’s time to share what YOU consider red flags while dating. And this time y’all didn’t hold back any punches when sharing your thoughts on social media.

In the name of matchmaking, and getting ready for the next episode of Asking for a Friend, here are some huge red flags to look out for.

1. Moving Too Fast

For this week, a number of you all shared this red flag of a man moving too fast!

One fan perfectly stated “When they tell you that they love you but you two just met.” And we can’t blame her. Pump the breaks fellas!

2. Being Secretive

Gahhh!! Don’t you despise a secretive man??

We know we don’t tolerate any secrets over here. Just go ahead and throw the whole relationship away!

3. Being Too Thirsty

One fan said it best, “Someone who is thirsty. Calling too frequent and not allowing you to call back because they’re doing too much. Trying too hard and falling too easy ‘so they say’.”

We want to feel wanted, but don’t come off too thirsty…

4. Being Complacent

Being complacent can be a sure way to kill a romantic relationship.

In the year of 2023, we don’t want complacency. So, when approaching women, please have some goals in mind.

5. How He Spends His Money

Y’all are taking us to school with these red flags this week ladies!

Maybe watching how a man spends his money should be on our red flags list too. Do you pocket watch your potential boo, while out on a date?

Do you have enough faith in your best friend to choose your next prince charming? See how our next BFF pair do while picking each other’s potential new partners only on TV One!

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