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KimYe rumors, it is being whispered (loudly) that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want to name their baby North.

Papa Knowles himself is opening up about the professional breakup saying he wasn’t fired and wants to “be clear” that “we both let each other go.”

Some have said that Phaedra will go into homes to mediate the disputes, while others say she will have a “fake” courtroom set up kind of like Judge Judy or Divorce Court.

Did Kanye West nag Anna Wintour to place his pregnant girlfriend and reality star, Kim Kardashian, into the pages of VOGUE?

The tabloid does have a breakdown of Rihanna’s field trip to the strip club. She sounds like so much fun. I’d rather go to the afterparty than the tour (unless you’re handing over a free ticket).

Clive Davis writes in his memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life, that Michael Jackson sabotaged Jermaine Jackson’s career.

Marlon Wayans has been officially caught out there. That is, unless the mother of his children who he claimed to be in a relationship with understands their arrangement.

Speaking with EBONY.com, Larenz Tate discussed the possibility of a Love Jones sequel. It seems he and Nia Long have been mulling ideas over how to star in another film together with perhaps a standalone sequel being one option.

Yes, the British actor, who DJs under the name “Driis,” is currently embarking on a seven-week residency at a London nightclub.

ou know, minus the belt. According to the New York Post, Toy-Toy is negotiating a deal for Michael Jackson’s kids to get a reality show.

For the record, La La Anthony says it wasn’t a quip about her allegedly tasting like Honey Nut Cherrios that started a fight between her husband and Boston Celtics star Kevin Garnett.

Flava of Love of star Deelishis reportedly had to jump out of a second story window (!) to escape an attack from her fiance, an alleged drug dealer.