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La Toya Jackson is apparently the heir to the Joe Jackson pimp your kids out legacy. You know, minus the belt. According to the New York Post, Toy-Toy is negotiating a deal for Michael Jackson’s kids to get a reality show. Michael’s ghost cannot be happy about this at all.

Prince recently signed with “Entertainment Tonight” through Ja-Tail to be a correspondent. La Toya, who has named her two poodles after Prince and Paris, stood with a watchful eye in the “ET” studios last week as Prince made his debut.

La Toya also signed Prince to appear on the CW’s remake of “Beverly Hills 90210.”

Paris inked a movie deal that will have her shooting later this year in London.

The coup de grâce for La Toya, who gets a standard 15 percent commission on each deal, would be a reality TV show deal she’s negotiating. Insiders said bidding has approached $10 million.

OWN, Oprah Winfrey’s network, is thought to be the front-runner to land the series that would feature Jacko’s children, La Toya and cameos by family matriarch Katherine.

“Toya’s working it. It’s because [Katherine] can’t say no to her,” one person close to the family said.

She was able to use the sympathy card because most of her siblings were legally barred from the mansion following the videotaped fight between Paris and her aunt Janet, the failed coup on Jacko’s will and the alleged kidnapping of Katherine.

“She pounced while everyone else was making a lot of useless noise. It was her smoke screen, and she got it done,” the insider said.

“She told them how she knew [Michael] better than anybody else, and she knew he’d want them to follow their dreams; and because they were his children, they could be media and entertainment moguls.

“She had a blueprint. She sold it, and they bought it.”

And reaffirming the Joe part:

One potential hang up to the OWN deal is Paris’s refusal to do a reality show, but insiders caution not to underestimate Latoya’s power of persuasion.

“Prince wasn’t exactly eager to do ET, but could you tell? When the money is on the line, Toya is going to cash in. I wouldn’t bet against her,” the insider said.

Latoya also doesn’t have to worry about potential backlash from cousin T.J., who shares guardianship of the children with Katherine.

“The guardianship really comes down to what [Katherine] will or won’t approve and TJ only steps in when [Katherine] can’t or refuses to make a decision,” a family member said. “Toya is smart, she has her mother eating out of her hand.”