Apple Store Soho Presents Meet The Author: Clive Davis

Clive Davis writes in his memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life, that Michael Jackson sabotaged Jermaine Jackson’s career. I suppose that would explain Jermaine’s bitterness through the years. Confession: I had never heard a Jermaine Jackson song until I wrote this post. You know, research.

Via Juicy Online:

According to reports, MJ was unhappy with the success that JERMAINE’s singles, “Do What You Do,” and “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming,” garnered, and allegedly went to extremes to prevent writers from working with his brother.

Throughout the memoir, DAVIS revealed that when KENNY “BABYFACE” EDMONDS was brought in to produce JERMAINE’s fourth album, MICHAEL kept him preoccupied so that he could not work on his brother’s project.

“Jermaine couldn’t believe that Michael, his close brother, would hijack his producers’ material this way. [Jermaine] was crying, indeed sobbing at times, so deeply hurt that his brother would do this to him,” DAVIS writes.

JERMAINE then went on to record a diss track entitled, “Word to the Badd,” calling out his younger brother for being selfish and shallow.

DAVIS’ story was corroborated MJ’s PR rep, BOB JONES, who revealed that JACKSON purposely manipulated the careers of his siblings, JERMAINE, REBBE, and LATOYA but was unsuccessful in sabotaging the success of his youngest sibling JANET.

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If this is true, this is what we’ve all been missing out on: