You Are The Power Concert

Beyoncé addressed her father, Mathew Knowles, no longer working as her manager in her HBO special, Life Is But A Dream, but now Papa Knowles himself is opening up about the professional breakup — to a British tabloid. Not sure why he went that route, but you know, at least he’s talking about. First point: He said he wasn’t fired and wants to “be clear” that “we both let each other go.”

But wait, didn’t he sue Live Nation Entertainment blaming his daughter let him go after he was accused of stealing from her?

Okay whatever, more on Mathew’s statement:

Speaking to The Sun, Matthew said: ‘It was hard for me to let her go — it was hard for both of us to let each other go. And let’s be clear on that. She didn’t let me go, we both let each other go. That’s a big difference.’

Continuing Matthew added: ‘This was not a normal ending of a business agreement. This was a dad and a daughter and it was incredibly painful and it had some difficulties.’

Matthew first started managing Beyoncé when she was part of Grammy award-winning girl group Destiny’s Child before she launched her solo career in 2003.

The 2011 statement released by Beyoncé that announced her business split from her father read: ‘I am grateful for everything he has taught me.

‘I grew up watching both he and my mother manage and own their own businesses. They were hard-working entrepreneurs and I will continue to follow in their footsteps.’

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