“An Artful Evening” At California African American Museum

Speaking with, Larenz Tate discussed the possibility of a Love Jones sequel. It seems he and Nia Long have been mulling ideas over how to star in another film together with perhaps a standalone sequel being one option.

I’m sure if The Best Man 2 does well at the box office, we might actually get to see it. Thing is, do y’all want to?

EBONY: Do you have any projects in the works where you may be headed back to the big screen?

LT: Nia Long (also on House of Lies) and I have been talking about doing a movie on the same realm of Love Jones. Or is there a way for us to do a sequel but let the story be a standalone story? So you still have the same characters going through similar elements but you don’t have to see the first one to know that this is a solid movie.

We are just trying to align the planets to make sure this can happen. We’d like to revisit the Darius Lovehall character and Nina Mosley. If things work out, than we will try to get to that sometime this year.

We’re marveled by the fact that people still love our chemistry. People still want to see us do movies together or roles together, and we just sit back and we’re blown away. We knew we had something different and special, but we never knew it would be a classic, something that’s iconic. That wasn’t even in the cards. Our chemistry is natural, we’re compatible.