Rihanna In Concert With A$AP Rocky – Toronto, ON

Telling me Rihanna might occasionally enjoy the smell of a woman to me is a lot like suggesting Rick Ross probably enjoys fried chicken. However, the tabloid does have a breakdown of Rihanna’s field trip to the strip club. She sounds like so much fun. I’d rather go to the afterparty than the tour (unless you’re handing over a free ticket).

The National Enquirer claims:

Partying after a concert performance, raucous thrush RIHANNA popped into Toronto’s titillating Bovine Sex Club to unwind with her entourage and then – looking all slinky-sexy in a black cat-suit complete with a bondage-style leather policeman’s hat – RiRi pretended to put several hot-looking lady patrons under arrest, frisking them, and even copping sly feels of their…ta-tas!

The “prisoners” all swooned, except for one tough-looking babe – who went butch/ballistic when the star started patting down her sweet li’l lady love.

“What the **** are you doing!” bellowed the green-eyed monster. “Get your ****ing hands off my girlfriend!”

Backing off, Rihanna hissed cattily: “You need to chill… I’m just playin’.”

But the purr-former and her posse quickly padded off to the opposite end of the bar to avoid a cat-astrophe!

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