You can't even share an Uber with your sister and yet these famous siblings make sharing the spotlight look super easy.

Love Malika’s look, here’s your chance to steal it. Enter now and you may win big money.

Just when we thought Serena couldn’t impress us anymore! We already know she does her thing on the tennis court, but apparently she can show us up on the dance floor too. Serena showed us a taste of what she’s got in Beyoncé’s LEMONADE and it appears she still has a few extra tricks up her […]

Photo: courtesy of James Arzente We hear it all the time as a half-serious joke from our Black friends and family members: “When are we gonna get our 40 acres and a mule for the hard labor of our ancestors?” Little did we know, this sentiment for reparations would be received by our white counterparts and […]

If you watch the news (or hell, even your timeline), the world seems split between Team Clinton and Team Trump (sorry Team Bernie). So when we surveyed over 1,500 people to ask them a series of questions about everything from police to politics, we were sure we’d see the same divide. Not so much. Turns […]

Beyoncé may already be on schedule to run the world, but not before running her own media empire first: Mrs. Carter is rumored to be launching her own educational television network! We can’t get enough of Queen Bey, so the possibility of her taking her empire to new heights has us nothing but thrilled! Beyoncé is rumored […]

Police officers in Halifax, Virginia brought on a new meaning to the phrase: “We all scream for ice cream.” Someone in the Halifax police department thought it would be a good idea to pull people over just to give them ice cream cones. We can sort of see how this could be funny/cute, but due […]

Being a dad is no easy feat. We assume being a CELEBRITY dad is no easier. Imagine, your kid is literally flying around the world, without you, getting into the type of shenanigans that would have left you with a tanned butt. And, they make THEIR OWN MONEY!?!? No thanks. But leave it up to […]