See the very best Golden Brooks moments from season 3 of Hollywood Divas!

Relive your favorite moments from Hollywood diva, Countess Vaughn!

If you’re not Regina King or Courtney B. Vance, chances are no one’s going to hand you a gold statue for your achievements. They don’t make awards for getting ahead of your bills, or getting through traffic without running that slow-driving douchebag off the road. So what do you do when you’ve hit a personal […]

Life is unexpected, but one thing you can count on is drama. It might come from your mom or your boss, but more often than not it’s coming from the people in your squad. And that cut is deep! Now you can try to have Iyanla save your life, but when you need to figure […]

Welcome to Diva Life Lessons, where we believe anything in life whether it’s funny, tragic or just dramatic can be tied to a moment from our Divas shows. Don’t believe us? Check this out. One of the dreams of marriage is that you’ll be with someone who not only kills spiders for you and knows […]