Being a dad is no easy feat. We assume being a CELEBRITY dad is no easier.

Imagine, your kid is literally flying around the world, without you, getting into the type of shenanigans that would have left you with a tanned butt. And, they make THEIR OWN MONEY!?!? No thanks.

But leave it up to Will Smith to check his son Jaden when the “Karate Kid” star decided he was going to take advantage of U.K.’s lower drinking age.

Will told the story on Jimmy Fallon, but the gist is that while out to dinner in London — with his parents — Jaden had the hairy nerve to order a tequila with his 18-year-old-not-American-legal behind.

Well, dad was thinking quick on his feet and said “Oh, but hold on, hold on, hold on. It’s only noon in LA and you weren’t born till 4, so you’re not 18 yet!”


Look, no parent loves crushing their kid’s dreams, but sometimes you have no choice but to shut. it. down.


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