Police officers in Halifax, Virginia brought on a new meaning to the phrase: “We all scream for ice cream.”

Someone in the Halifax police department thought it would be a good idea to pull people over just to give them ice cream cones. We can sort of see how this could be funny/cute, but due to the current climate of our country, it is safe to say that every black person in America would be terrified by the thought of being pulled over by police. We’re not sure if an ice cream prank will take that feeling away.

The video below shows police pulling over a black woman who is very polite although she has no idea of why she’s being pulled over. The cop explains that she violated “vehicle code 1709”, which basically means she was driving on a hot day without an ice cream cone. It’s all laughs at the end of the video, but we can only imagine what was going through her head prior.

Poor lady probably had to swing back to the house for a change of clothes.

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TELL US: Would you think this prank were funny if it were you? Is this a good way to release tension between police and people of color?