If you watch the news (or hell, even your timeline), the world seems split between Team Clinton and Team Trump (sorry Team Bernie). So when we surveyed over 1,500 people to ask them a series of questions about everything from police to politics, we were sure we’d see the same divide.

Not so much.

Turns out, over 60% of all Americans feel that the Republican nominee Donald Trump has made race relations worse since starting his campaign. By comparison, 42% of all Americans think Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton would do a better job at handling race issues. However, as Roland Martin pointed out 31% aren’t sure which candidate is better.

You see that look on your face after you read that “31%?” Watch NewsOne Now guests Barbara Arnwine and Rashad Robinson give you life:

TELL US: Given that members of his own party have called Trump’s statement “the textbook definition of racism,” why do you think some 30% of Americans are still unsure on Trump’s views on race?