Did you catch last night's tea? You know we had to get the answers to some of your burning questions during Part 2 of #TheOneatTVOne reunion! Were you shocked by the controversy that didn't make it on the big screen? Plus, it looks like Brent and Ashley J hit it off after filming! 😍 For a recap, click the link in our bio.

Last week, we watched Brent and Ashley make their final decisions on their journey to find The One. Now, we're catching up with everyone.

Man, this sleepover had everyone up in arms! The daters discover through Mieka that Brent shared his bed with one of the women, sending the house into a frenzy. Will the latest events affect Brent and Ashley's judgment over who to send home as the first elimination approaches 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♂️?

Whew, chile! Things are getting preeeety serious because it’s round four!  Picking up where we left off with last week’s episode of The One, Ms. Ashley Evans left us wondering who she will move into the mansion.  And let’s just say that this was a tough choice! Leaving us with a cliffhanger, Ashley decided to […]