For My Man

A young woman down on her luck falls in love with an older man who swears to protect her. But after a deadly encounter leaves a family member in critical condition, his protection may not be enough when his actions lead her down a deadly path. Watch March 11 10p/9c for the shocking conclusion.

Veronica Paz is a beauty with a high school football star boyfriend but when another man comes between them she must make a deadly choice for the one she loves. After giving her a love she's never had, Donna Slaughter is so devoted to her husband she's willing to kill to keep him.

After moving to Nebraska, Shavontae Green is hoping for a new start. But her sweet dreams turn sour when she meets a man who leads her down a dark path. Then, in Cleveland, Ohio, Latesha Santos has finally found a man to call her own. But staying loyal is a tall order when he drives her to do the unthinkable.

Jennifer Forsythe finds the man of her dreams in a convicted felon and together they hatch a brazen escape plan. In Chicago, Latasha Pulliam meets a man who shares her toxic desires. The two create a twisted, drug fueled world of their own filled with torture and murder.

When ambitious single mom Olivia Walker meets greed stricken Kenyatta McGee, she agrees to make a hefty withdrawal in exchange for a fairytale ending. Later, a luxurious vacation for two turns into a tragedy for three, when Heather Mack and her boyfriend decide it’s time to start a life of their own.

Vanessa Coleman is dangerously in love. She’ll stand by her man as he tortures a frightened couple in a drug induced rage all while she watches. Then Tamika Jasper Barbary marries a handsome, hard worker, but when his job gets them in hot water, Tamika risks it all to save her love.

Yvette Gay is a simple girl desperate for companionship and when she falls for an angry man, he drags her into a murderous plot. Vishawn Mills finds the man of her dreams but when an innocent friendship with the landlord intimidates her jealous boyfriend, her dream becomes a nightmare.

Shy anonymous twenty year old Debra Brown falls for serial child predator Alton Coleman and gets pulled into his twisted and deadly world. Later seventeen year old Chakkira Wonnum escapes an abusive home only to run into the arms of a dangerous drug addict who forces her to commit an unspeakable act.

Troubled housewife Carolyn King deserts her family in search of a clean slate, only to find her perfect match in a local convict Bradley Martin. Next, teen mom Angel Glenn risks it all to support her baby. But when she crosses paths with a bad boy, Angel leaves her world of seduction for a life […]

On October 20th, 2006, a janitor discovers a lifeless body near a dumpster. As New Jersey police start to unravel the story they discover that a young woman is in the center of the crime.

As a young, troubled woman tries to get her life back on track from a life of crime, she meets a man who understands her. Quickly after meeting this former bad boy, she is down for whatever comes with him. As these two lovers fall back into a life of crime, she must choose the road of chaos or the road of redemption.

Latasha Hudson, a young, single mother dreams about building a family unit for her daughter as she provides for her daughter.