Asking For a Friend

Two single besties try to find love matches for each other, choosing two blind dates for them before later going on a double date to reveal the type of person which eligible bachelor/bachelorette each should be dating. Watch TV One’s all-new original dating series Asking for a Friend on Thursdays at 8P/7C only on TV One!

This best friend is TIRED of being single, while the other desires a female who is uninterested in the Chanel handbag!

After divorces and unsuccessful dates, these BFFs are ready to find traditional love in the new dating age!

These besties are trying out the dating scene in a bigger city after picking the wrong guys in their small hometown. Will they see more W's than L's in the land of players?

These two BFFs believe that laughter can be the best remedy for their dating experiences, will they be able to find a match for each other?

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