Less than 10 African-Americans were nominated for Golden Globes in 2018.

Mary J. Blige steps into the acting world and lands a breathtaking cover in the November issue of Essence.

Celebrities tend to dabble in a couple of different markets-music, acting, reality television, and even fashion. Open up this gallery to find out which of your favorite celebrities double as fashion designers.

Listen, Mary J. Blige has solidified her place as the “Queen of Hip Hop Soul,” but is she taking her talents to new territories? According to an update from Apple Music, Mary J. Blige is set to have her own radio show, called The 411, a nod to her debut LP. Here’s a clip of […]

If watching President Barack Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention wasn’t enough to remind you how much you’re going to miss the brother, wait till you see how he got pumped to give that amazing speech two weeks ago. He’s already the coolest dude to take the oath, but his status was confirmed when […]

I’m black y’all, and I’m black y’all. And I’m blackey black and I’m black y’all! It’s Black Music Month and thus the appropriate time to celebrate music that makes us want to dance like Mary J. Blige aka “Drunk Aunty at the Summer Cookout”. A few weeks ago the Queen of R&B showed us her […]