Over the weekend, @tvonetv showed up and showed out at #ABFF2023 with previews of new and upcoming programming!

On episode six of Asking For a Friend, we are introduced to childhood friend, Joe and Noel. They both say they are ready to meet the one, but these guys have polar opposite dating preferences — one just got out of a 2-year relationship and the other is a serial dater! Let’s talk about settling […]

On episode 4 of Asking For a Friend, we are introduced to Dejané and Chelsea, two Mississippi-born homegirls! Chelsea is ready to be a mom and settle down, while Dejané wants a man to have fun and travel with! These Southern belles are hoping to find men that will show them that chivalry isn’t dead. […]

There are so many things on our plates daily between our careers, family, hobbies and love life. But, it’s always important to remember self-care! Finding a work/life balance is crucial. On episode 3 of Asking For a Friend, Adrian and Emanuel are bachelor besties, who say they are finally ready to settle down. But are […]

The thought of being an ex’s best friend may be a bit cringe to some, but others happily embrace friendship from a previous relationship! And we totally see that on the second episode of TV One’s Asking For a Friend! This duo playing matchmaker are exes turned besties. Myia, 32, is a serial entrepreneur, and Graylin, […]

So, listen… when it comes to dating – we all have our types and deal breakers. Mostly, these preferences dictate how one approaches and interacts with men or women of a particular age, height, or even cultural background. But there are also some other specific factors that come into play for some folks. A huge […]

Photo courtesy of TMZ screengrab At this point, this is beyond terrible. LisaRaye is sounding off after commenting on the now-infamous photos of Nicole Murphy and Antonie Fuqua kissing, alleging that Murphy also cheated with her ex-husband, Michael Missick. After Da Brat confirmed the details surrounding the accusations, McCoy is taking her comments offline and […]

Photos by JB Lacroix/WireImage, Aude Guerrucci/Getty Images and John Shearer/WireImage Earlier this week photos of Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua surfaced of the two kissing — twice, while in Italy. Yes, the same Fuqua that’s been married to Lela Rochon since 1999. Murphy, whose original statement claimed the kiss was just a “friendly hello”, is […]