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On episode six of Asking For a Friend, we are introduced to childhood friend, Joe and Noel. They both say they are ready to meet the one, but these guys have polar opposite dating preferences — one just got out of a 2-year relationship and the other is a serial dater! Let’s talk about settling […]

Frustrated with their lack of acting chops, Rickey, Brat, and Gary seek help from an eccentric acting coach. Brandon gets the entrepreneurial bug wanting Rickey to invest in his chicken and waffle delivery business idea. Rickey takes it upon himself to try and broker peace between D'essence and her ex-boyfriend Landon. Calling Rickey out on his pattern of choosing the wrong types of women, Brat takes matters into her own hands and sets Rickey up on a date with a female pro football player. Gary tries to lend a hand by taking Rickey shopping for the date, however, Rickey’s more interested in playing football than footsy with the lady baller. Rickey, Da Brat, and Gary get acting lessons from an eccentric acting coach. Later, Da Brat "blind-sides" Rickey by setting him up on a blind date with a lady football player. Brandon decides he wants Rickey to invest in his chicken and waffle business.

Meet LisaRaye... the hilarious host of TV One's new dating series Asking for a Friend. Buckle up because this show is going to take you on a wild ride! Catch the premiere Feb. 9 at 8/7c!

On episode 4 of Asking For a Friend, we are introduced to Dejané and Chelsea, two Mississippi-born homegirls! Chelsea is ready to be a mom and settle down, while Dejané wants a man to have fun and travel with! These Southern belles are hoping to find men that will show them that chivalry isn’t dead. […]

There are so many things on our plates daily between our careers, family, hobbies and love life. But, it’s always important to remember self-care! Finding a work/life balance is crucial. On episode 3 of Asking For a Friend, Adrian and Emanuel are bachelor besties, who say they are finally ready to settle down. But are […]

The thought of being an ex’s best friend may be a bit cringe to some, but others happily embrace friendship from a previous relationship! And we totally see that on the second episode of TV One’s Asking For a Friend! This duo playing matchmaker are exes turned besties. Myia, 32, is a serial entrepreneur, and Graylin, […]

Dating Advice with LisaRaye McCoy: Befriending Exes Myia, 32, and Graylin, 37, are exes turned besties. Letting your ex set you up on a date seems interesting. Would you be down for it? Of course we asked LisaRaye. Here are her 2 cents on befriending exes. Watch the digital-exclusive clip below.

So, listen… when it comes to dating – we all have our types and deal breakers. Mostly, these preferences dictate how one approaches and interacts with men or women of a particular age, height, or even cultural background. But there are also some other specific factors that come into play for some folks. A huge […]

Dating Advice with LisaRaye: Dating Men Who’ve Been Married Would you date someone who was previously married? Listen… Essence has a unique deal breaker – she only wants to date men who’ve been married before. Here are LisaRaye’s 2 cents on dating a divorced man. Watch the digital-exclusive clip below.

Let's talk looooove! We asked Asking for a Friend host, LisaRaye if she learned the secret to obtaining a long-lasting relationship. Not quite, but we're still trying to figure it out!