So, listen… when it comes to dating – we all have our types and deal breakers.

Mostly, these preferences dictate how one approaches and interacts with men or women of a particular age, height, or even cultural background.

But there are also some other specific factors that come into play for some folks. A huge one being: past experience.

On episode one of TV One’s all-new original dating series Asking for a Friend, we were introduced to work besties Aisha and Essence.

We also learned that Essence has a very unique deal breaker.

As a divorced woman, she only wants to date men who’ve also been married before.

While that may not be a typical deal breaker when dating – we totally understand her desire to be with a partner who has had some of the same life experiences with love.

We asked our girl LisaRaye, host of the hit new show, for her 2 cents on dating a divorced man.

Check what she had to say down below!


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