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(Originally published on 07.05.2012)

If you were finding it hard to believe in love, I have news for you:Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada are now man and wife. Thetwo notoriously met on Twitter and have since actively courted public attention about their courtship. So yeah, believe in love, reality shows that come from love, and the contracts you sign once that love becomes legally binding.

Surprise, surprise: He live-tweeted parts of the ceremony (via Stiletto Jill):

     Of course Ocho being Ocho managed a few live tweets during the wedding and post a photos of his and Evelyn’s wedding bands and he and the recently widowed woman he flew out for his wedding.

     Chad also counted the number of outfit changes Evelyn Lozada had for the evening – at last count it was four. He also revealed that his next stop wasn’t a honeymoon but back to work.   That “football season would be the honeymoon.”

The reality show is coming. Congratulations and all that, too.