Nicci takes readers behind the scenes of R&B Divas Episode 2 in this exclusive blog post.

Agent Chris Spangler has been working for the Correction for IDOC for nearly 20 years. He looks at his parolees through the eyes of a father, but he's nobody's babysitter.

A 14-year veteran of the Correction for IDOC, Agent Nicole Alexander works hard to help her clients turn their lives around.

Agent Tracy Irvin quickly made a name for herself on the job by taking on some the toughest cases in some of the roughest neighborhoods.

Agent Jay Sweeney's caseload is all male, with a focus on younger clients—ages 18-25—mostly first-time offenders.

Agent Justin Bennet mostly works with female clients. His wife is a parole agent, too.

A 20-year vet of the Correction for IDOC , Agent John Taylor works a caseload known as "drug and thug."

Agent Gerald Carter deals exclusively with sex offenders. It's a very tough job, and he keeps his clients on a short leash.

Agent Denise Jackson deals exclusively with female offenders, working tirelessly to help these women successfully re-enter society.

Monique shares her recipe for a frozen mudslide as a Friday cocktail.

Monique discusses the versatility of zucchini.

Usher's ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, is grieving over the death of her son and feels that Usher, the boy's stepfather, is using the event to gain leverage in the couple's custody battle.