Even though she wasn’t particularly to past criticism of this sort, even Viola Davis will now admit that when it comes to portraying a housekeeper, “I’m tired of that.”

"We feel really fortunate every time we visit Russia. It's a beautiful country! We love our Russian fans, and we love the beautiful scenery in Moscow!"

"It honestly and truly may not happen. It’s just conversation right now, and everybody knows that in L.A., until the ink is dry on the contract, nothing is for certain.”

Rolling Stones reports Sugarfoot Bonner, lead singer of the 70s funk band Ohio Players died of undetermined causes at the age of 69.

Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams has bravely acknowledged that she’s been battling depression on and off since she was a teenager.

Karrine Steffan says, "We’ve been actually talking to Queen Latifah and Shakim [Compere] about them producing the one-hour scripted version of Confessions for cable with me."

Lupe Fiasco is used to you all giving him crap over the things he says so it’s not at all surprising he has no qualms about admitting that he believes he had an “extra-worldly experience.”

Omarosa is at it again. At the “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” press conference at Jack Studios on Friday, the returning contender posed for pics but then pulled a disappearing act during interviews.

With the video being released around the time of National Coming Out Day, some suspected that perhaps Marsha was using her art to make the ultimate statement.

According to the veteran actress, she and Sherman had kept up with each other through the years -- still looking for a potential opportunity to work again.

the Oscar-nominated actress touches on new Oscar talk for her latest role and. how she chooses acting parts in general. Davis also talks about the Barbara Jordan biopic she and her production company are working on.

Elise Neal has a new role in the forthcoming film The Undershepard. The movie reportedly examines megachurches, famous pastors and the woman who marry them.