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Ashanti, 37, is reportedly dating James Harder, 28. How young is too young?!

Production is underway in Atlanta for the new film, Dinner For Two, starring R&B sensation and actor Tristan ‘Mack’ Wilds, Chaley Rose, Prince Hammond and Shaun Baker (“House Party”). The film will premiere Summer 2018.

Kordell Stewart let his wife, Porsha Stewart, off her leash to go and play outside - on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Let the romance and subsequent messy breakup of Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson instill a very important lesson: When a man compares you to a cold slice of pizza, run like hell.

Speaking with The Fader, Future gushed about Ci Ci and why he only needs one woman.

The rumor mill keeps trying to break Ice-T and Coco up, but they’re out and about and seemingly in good spirits.

Brandy may have sworn off reality TV, but she is apparently still up for doing it in the name of saving some dollars.

Fantasia says "I’m not in a relationship. I will say this, [Antwuan] is a great father, I have to give that to him."

Terrence’s world, “We have a crab mentality where we still pull each other down because of choices that we make."

TMZ obtained a copy of King James' "Save The Date" ... which instructs his friends to block out Friday Sept. 13 through Sunday Sept. 15.

Model Selita Ebanks and former BET personality turned E! News anchor and actor Terrence Jenkins have broken up.